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The 1975 released singles: first and last lines (insp.)

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I recently took part in the OITNB - Standing Still zine by Julia Lavigne, Jessica Roux, and Reina Castellanos. I love the show and knew I had to contribute, but I wanted to play it a bit safe with my quote since the show can be pretty racy. This particular quote just made me laugh and I figured it would be a fun one to do.
Client: OITNB Zine

Beautiful, as usual! Thanks, Shauna!

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AfterShock: The Info Illustration Gallery - Created by Nick Caldwell

Artist Nick Caldwell has been working on a possible look into the future of the BioShock series…in outer space! Check out his gallery here for the whole series of brilliantly designed posters that provide information on the concepts of the game. You can also find more of Nick’s work on his website and Twitter.

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Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid
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myth fashion

ariadne + the minotaur ;

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Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

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Episode list for season two

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Do you think I’m trying to be funny?